It was the first time that TROX GmbH initiated an award for architects, the TROX FOCUS DESIGN AWARD. Under the title FOCUS DESIGN, it was called for architects and specialist consultants to work on the design of a front panel for a XARTO ceiling air diffuser.

Due to the intelligent technical concept of the XARTO ceiling diffuser, the diffuser's function is completely independent from the design of its front plate such that there are virtually no limits for creativity. This provides architectural offices the opportunity to deal with the issue of design quality on ceilings.

As many as 28 architect's offices from Germany and Austria met the challenge of TROX GmbH.

The submission period began in October 2014 and ended with the meeting of the jury in December 2014.


Competition parameters:
Size: 600 x 600 mm square or 600 mm round
Depth: max.1 mm
Free cross-section area: 30-50%

There were no specifications regarding the diffuser material.